Audience Advantage is your

Sales Maximizing Presentation Platform

Turn your audience into customers and your presentations into deals. Audience Advantage optimises your sales cycle at every step, enabling your sales team to stay informed, optimise contact moments and close better deals.

01. Select a presentation

& deliver presentations that MAKE AN IMPACT every time

Creating Sales Experiences for
Industry leaders & Fortune 500 companies

Testimonials from our clients

62% of our presentation preparation efforts have been reduced since working with Audience Advantage.

Nespresso · B2B Sales Manager


Audience Advantage helped us create the visual support to clarify the our corporate strategy to all staff. They really know how to delight their customers.

KBC · V. Huybrecht - GM corp. communication


The dynamic story, the interactivity, and the concept proved to be a success formula.

Incofin CVSO · M. Sallaets - Communications manager


Our salesforce and 50+ regional offices now all work with up-to-date presentations, while we provide the right content.

Unique Interim · A. Witters - Marketing manager


Audience has realised higher involvement, elevated interest, better understanding, and an improved brand perception.

Synergie Interim · - Sales director


Audience unified our worldwide presentation process.

Geodis Wilson · S.B. Arabadjev - Communications manager


Your Advantage

Our unbeatable approach to presentations

Lower sales process
complexity by 48%

Audience Advantage bundles a dozen different tools into one efficient platform.

Increase your sales
process speed by 16%

Audience Advantage helps you persuade prospects faster. Don't let your competitors beat you to the deal.

Improve your sales
performance by 12%

Audience Advantage uses a positive feedback loop to guarantee constant improvement of your sales cycle.

Discover the advantage

See for yourself how powerful Audience Advantage can be. Request access to our online simulator.

The Audience Advantage offer

We create intruiging & compulsing stories for industry leaders and integrate them into a technology driven solution that makes their sales story work. Aligned with the commercial processes that are already present.

Inspire your prospects

Audience Advantage makes your sales team the hottest in the business.

  • Killer presentations
  • Endless interactivity
  • Prospect reporting


Take your sales to the next level

Use Audience Advantage to increase your performance.

  • Integrated offers & contracts
  • Content workflows
  • Team reporting



Automate your sales process, tap into your maximum potential.

  • Augmented reality
  • Single sign on
  • API access


Global sales excellence

You already have all the sales processes in place. Audience Advantage supports you to create more efficiency.

  • Integrate your platforms
  • Global market management
  • Lifecycle content updates


At Audience Advantage we do not believe in off the shelf 'fix it all' SaaS solutions (as the actual benefit proves to be too marginal), neither do we believe in a purely customized approach which comes with a pricy tag an a high risk of investment.

Tailored to your exact needs

We've perfected our process to maximize your sales impact



Targets & Strategy

Analysis of your current sales process and evaluation of your presentation tools.



Story & Design

Creation of a mindblowing presentation.



Audience Advantage

Platform implementation & user guidance.



Training & Data

Follow-up on customer success.

reality in sales

Mix Audience Advantage's capabilities with Augemented Reality and you are ready to blow your prospects socks off, truly accelerate your closing process and save a ton of money in the process.


Audience Advantage is your

Sales Maximizing Presentation Platform

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