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To illustrate how Audience Advantage is applied in a daily sales environment we've set out these obvious 4 key roles that usually take part in a buying process. In 7 eas steps this page runs you through the sales progression from preparing a sales presentation to closing a deal. This is where Audience Advantage makes the difference.


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Account Manager


Step 01. Preparing a presentation.

"I save about 30% of my daily time with Audience Advantage."


"My preparation time for presentations has been reduced with about 30% since I use Audience Advantage. I simply log into the app, select the audience I will present to and open my presentation.

By selecting my audience, the presentation will automatically be adapted and transformed with the dedicated content."

Prospect Buyer


Step 02. Presenting in a sales meeting

"I was stunned. This way of presenting really amazed me."


"My audience is impressed by the out of the box approach, the stunning graphics and interactive features I use during my presentation. I'm able to turn my presentation into a real, valuable conversation thanks to the instant navigation based on a tailored story that works.

The first step for a long-term partnership with my prospect are made."

Account Manager


Step 03. Sharing a presentation.

"No more hassle sharing my premium content."


"At the end of our meeting I can easily share my presentation by sending Stephanie an invitation. This way I'm able to provide her with unique and premium content, that is not available on our websiteor other channels.

This will allow me presonally to have a better grip on how our content is being used by my prospects and colleague decision makers that were not in the room that day."

Prospect Decision Maker


Step 04. Making impact after a presentation moment

"The content was unique and helped us make quick decisions."


"In case Stephanie wants to share my presentation with her colleague Alan, she can easily forward the invitation I've sent her. Now we are speeding up the decision process.

Alan told Stephanie he was impressed by the personal approach allowing him to better make a decision based on the tailored information that answered the challenges they are facing."

Account Manager


Step 05. Meeting follow-up.

"Knowing when to contact my prospects makes the difference."


"In a clear and personalised analytics dashboard I get an overview of Stephanie’s actions. I can see that she has forwarded the presentation to Alan. In the same dashboard view I see which part of my presentation took the most of their attention.

Every time she opens the presentation, I get an update by email. Now I know it is time to contact her again and I’m able to aim to the part of the presentation that took the most of their attention and close the deal."

Prospect Decision Maker


Step 06. Closing the deal

"The ease of enrolling convinced us we made the right choice."


"After setting our agenda’s I have a second meeting with Jane and Alan. During the session we discuss numbers and negotiate the details of our future agreement.

Audience Advantage allows me to focus only on the key points and I can compose my offer together with them on the spot as well as sign off on the deal."

Sales Manager


Step 07. Streamline the sales process.

"A solution to get insights in what really happens in the field."


"Meanwhile, my manager Jane, is able to track my deal progress, as Audience Advantage shares data that is not available in our CRM system. She has a clear view on my KPI’s, get an idea of the customers I talk to,… through her analytics dashboard view.

In other words, she stays in close contact with the market and has a permanent up to date view on the business. This precious information from presentation stage up until closing stage helps us to improve our sales process drastically."

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