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Audience Advantage™ is an advanced buyer engagement platform to revolutionize your sales processes and win more deals supporting your sales teams.

Content experience, delivery and sharing capabilities will boost your sales operations and help your teams drastically improve involvement of your buyers.

State of the art tracking and insights dashboards will help your professionals to better understand buyer behaviour and remain ahead in the sales excellence game.

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Why customers choose
Audience Advantage™?


As the result of a strong shared belief that in order to be successful in the long run, bringing the revenue growth process to the 21st century is a matter of investing in the right solutions that are integrated and tailored in such way that they answer to the needs of the salesforces today and tomorrow.

Achieving excellence in sales means perpetual improvements and innovation, based on a well outlined commercial process that isn’t optional or can wait.

Audience Advantage’s unique technology fitting into the company’s roadmap from long-term strategic intent, to staff nurturing and CRM enrichment helps build a key


increase revenue performance with Audience Advantage ™

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2021


Because Audience Advantage™ is about much more than supplying smart technology. Valuable expertise on how to employ ‘digital’ to overcome commercial challenges and a vision on how to build commercial success is part of what we do.

Customers like the fact that we go extra miles to understand the obstacles of their teams and help buyers quickly identify the unique benefits of their offer.

As the (business) world is becoming more high paced and more complex at the same time, there is a high need to guide and support business conversations, personalized to the universe of a buyer. Audience Advantage™ has the competence to translate that expertise into sales performance.


of buyers acknowledged Audience Advantage ™ helped quicker insight

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2021


Due to the strength of creating a leaner commercial process guaranteeing an up-to-date, consistent message from ‘hi’ to ‘closing a deal’.

For content creation, management and delivery to be cost-efficient but at the same time inspiring, engaging and most of all converting-efficient, a mixture of innovative tools, hyper-searchable library and personalisation features has proven to result into a ‘love to use platform’ for both buyers and sellers.

The combination of a high user-adoption rate, attractive buyer experiences and both usage, content insights assure a pathway to improvement and means to an unfair competitive advantage.


more use of CRM with Audience Advantage ™ in place

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2021

Next generation Buyer Engagement for Sales Teams


Audience Advantage tunes into your revenue process to make it more efficient, more productive and insightful helping your in – and outside sales teams to better understand, explain and perform, saving substantial.


Audience Advantage is a versatile ecosystem designed to deliver digital content at the right place to the right people. Easy workflows make even the most complex set-ups a breeze to manage and deliver personalized content from documents to XR experiences and business cases.


Audience Advantage helps improving CRM data accuracy and provides additional effective insights by covering unexploited decision making insights straight out of the digital interactions with your customers.
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Audience Advantage is set up to deliver information the way buyers love to work, making them open to positively collaborate with their sales counterparts. The platform makes your value obvious and easy to share for evaluation within the customers’ organization.

How Audience Advantage makes the difference


Audience advantage™ diminishes time gaps considerably in your sales funnel by making the interactions between seller and buyer way more collaborative. 

By having a library of interactive digital tools, conversations are intensified and channeled to focus on an effective talk with a strong personalized buyer touch. 

Solving one of the more challenging obstacles in any professional sales process is converting silence, usually after a proposal has been shared, to desire to interact and keep momentum. 

This is where the advanced sharing capabilities of Audience Advantage™ come into play and help build a continuous flow to assure your company keeps pole position inside the minds of your buyers’ Decision Making Unit. 


Using Audience Advantage™ insights you can follow your buyer’s behaviour on deal level or consolidated per team enabling your sales teams to connecting the patterns. 

The insights the platform provides enables you to accelerate the sales process by finding out what every specific buyer is interested in. 

On a team or organisational level, the insights Audience Advantage™ provides can help shape your future content strategy, align sales with marketing content. 

Automated enrichment of CRM information can be a big part of connecting valuable insights that lead to a more successful revenue process and help drive automated personalisation and AI to support your sales teams. 

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The return the Audience Advantage™ platform generates is segmented into several areas. There is a significant part of the return quantifiable in cost-saving due to severe limitations of sales-content prepare efforts, prospect chasing activity time and also efficient content distribution. 

Where Audience Advantage™ makes a serious efficiency leap compared to sales enablement tools is thanks to collaborative simulation apps and proposal automation each with it’s unique approach and underlying technology. 

As you can start experiencing the platform starting from 25 euro per user, the journey of turning an investment into a serious asset for your commercial teams is a safe one. 

Interested in where Audience Advantage™ can help you improve your YoY revenue performance? Please reach out to us here.

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