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Supercharging sales. Energizing brands.

Audience Advantage transforms your sales experience, making your presentations: content dynamic, data-driven and buyer centric. Drive your revenue by delivering a premium experience.


How Audience Advantage helps industry leaders

Business development

We became more consistent

My presentations were inconsistent in offer, pricing, story, and vision.
Audience’s unique software, support, and training, helped me make up my mind.


Digital Transformation Consultant

We improved our efficiency

I used to suffer a lack of accurate data in my CRM, which led me to inaccurate predictions. Now I can take advantage of the applications’ data insights to fill the gap.


Expert Growth Hacker

Our teams are more inspired

Our sales team’s great potential was frustrated by the lack of ideas and visual skills: they knew what to say but not how to please our prospects’ eyes and imagination.


Key Account Manager

We can close deals faster

We had just lost another client, because of the long back and forth before the signature. Now we have the tools to speed up the process and get the necessary steps done.


Turn presentations into conversations

Turn your audience into customers and your sales presentations into deals. The Audience Advantage sales presentation software optimises your commercial cycle at every step, enabling your sales teams to stay informed, convert contact moments and close better deals.

We create intriguing & compulsing stories for industry leaders and integrate them into a technology driven solution that makes their story work. Aligned with the marketing and sales processes that are already present.

Why Audience Advantage

Budget calculators, product customisation tools, multimedia players: Unique, cool, awesome, creative and innovative Audience Advantage sales presentation software releases the power of your sales cycle by creating a stunning showcase of your unique value proposition.

What we do

Our mobile-responsive application (iOS, Android, Windows) runs a powerful and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which will allow you to tailor your presentations on any potential lead, with whom you are willing to start a conversation.



 Customise your presentations at each new meeting, without losing all the visually appealing elements, which we will have built for you.


Use our high-tech fully responsive application for iOs, Android, and Windows.
It comes with full support and data analytics.


Our intensive program of sales training and maximisation will make your team the most qualified to serve the evolution of the market.

Let’s talk !

We would be happy to show you all powerful features and flexible tools, which will take your sales process to the next level!

Denis, our Sales Manager – EMEA, is going to ensure that one of our sales specialists gets in touch with you: he/she will provide you with a full overview of the wide range of premium services, which we offer.

In sales, like in most economic disciplines, a meticulous work of analysis, strategy, and implementation is key to optimise your resources and to guarantee that your value proposition reaches the eyes, the mind, and the heart of those, who need you the most: your clients!


Our Blog


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We create Augmented Reality experiencesapplicationsopportunities

Audience Advantage is your premium pass towards a solid digital transformation.

The world of sales has changed. Customers are more informed, more demanding, more confused!
Our supercharging process will give your team of sales representatives the necessary tools to cope with a constantly changing market.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors!

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