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How Audience Advantage™ makes the difference

Speed up sales

We help speed up your sales by diminishing the time gaps in your funnel considerably and facilitating the conversation between your sellers and buyers. How? The interactive presentations you can create through our platform will not only leave a great impression on your buyers, but will also eliminate awkward silences and keep the momentum going.

Optimisation of your ROI

Our platform generates a return in every stadium of your sales process:

  • Sales content preparation time is reduced significantly.
  • Sellers spend less time chasing prospects.
  • Content distribution is much more efficient.

You can already start experiencing the platform from 25 euro per user, making the investment a safe one.

Improved use of CRM systems

Audience Advantage™ gives you valuable insights in your buyer’s behaviour. What are they interested in? What caught their attention? The insights will automatically be integrated with your existing CRM information.

Accelerate the productivity & performance of your sales teams

Measure your ROI.

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Why our partners choose Audience Advantage™

Audience Advantage is about much more than supplying smart technology.

In the ever-changing (business) world, there is pressing need to keep up with the pace. At Audience Advantage, we are always seeking ways to innovate and improve. We offer you an up-to-date platform and tools that are tailored to your needs, as well as those of the field.

Efficient sales

Improve the efficiency of your sales team by using the insights in buyer's behaviour and sales pitches to improve future strategies.

More buyer experience

Our platform offers augmented reality and virtual reality to help your customers actually see the potential of your proposition

Presentations that spark conversion

Our platform allows you to create engaging presentations and allows real-time deal making.

Measurable models

You not only get valuable data on buyer's behaviour and your sales team, it can also be integrated with your excisting CRM systems

Our customers experience the advantage


increase in revenue performance with Audience Advantage


decrease in time spent on proposals


more use of CRM with Audience Advantage

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2023

Recognized by the experts

Excellent Presentations

Using Audience Advantage, I am able to construct presentations that are more engaging and captivating, thus aiding me in maintaining my audience’s attention.

This is particularly beneficial for me as it allows me to craft presentations which are similar to short videos, enhancing their appeal and ensuring that the viewers remain focused.

Uniform & up-to-date content

Audience Advantage enables a dynamic and visual experience for your customer. Your marketing team can ensure that the most updated content is used by the sales teams, which creates a uniform story across your sales markets.

For me personally, the tool is a must have in the sales process throughout several stages of the cycle. The Audience Advantage team thinks together with you and consults you in how you can make the best out of your sales journey. A great tool to convert leads into customers and build brand equity!

Quick & easy prospect follow-up

Easy to use, useful for follow up sales calls (time savings & flexibility), added value when giving dynamic presentations.

Interactive business cases that quantify the value of our service

We wanted an interactive way to show our content to prospect but much more than only PDF’s or video. We have multiple cases where we have to prove and calculate the benefit of our product/services and that’s where Audience Advantage fits perfectly.

Thanks to the use of Audience Advantage, me and my team are able to engage more with our prospects and turning them into customers. The power is incredible and gave us what we needed to calculate and show data in different cases.

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