8 tips to lead your sales team to success

Leading a sales team efficiently can sometimes be a challenge. The fact that you are searching online for tips and tricks to do it better already tells us that you are invested in growing your business. That’s why we’re sure you already have what it takes to lead your sales team to success, especially with the help of the following tips!

Improve your sales coaching strategy with these 8 tips

1. Analyse and improve

First things first, you need to know where you and your team are at in order to implement strategies for improvement. 

You can’t lead your team if you don’t have a clear idea of where they stand. How are they performing? What are their daily tasks? How do they do in sales calls? What do they excel at? Where could they use some coaching? How many deals are they closing? That is only the top of the list of questions you should be able to answer for your team in order to lead them properly. 

2. Measurable results

You can only start to answer these questions if you have the measurable results to base the answer on. You cannot just trust people’s word for it, or your own intuition or gut feeling about a person. Figures and numbers are your best friend to stay up-to-date on your employees. With the right tools, you can easily measure your team’s productivity and performance. Don’t know how to keep track of all this data? Audience Advantage serves you all the data on a silver platter without you having to enter it manually. 

3. Set goals

Once you have a crystal clear picture of your team’s current performance and workflow, you can start mapping out the goals you want to work towards. Don’t shoot for the stars right away. Set a main goal and make sure you have many in-between steps to reach that one main goal. 
These smaller steps will ensure that your team stays motivated. Especially if you celebrate each and every step towards the goal.

4. Hard and soft skills

When hiring employees, you should not only make sure that they are good at what they do, but also that they possess other hard and soft skills needed at the office. For instance, that they are good at taking feedback. This way, you are assured that your team can also handle the necessary feedback and use it to improve and grow.  

5. Encourage your team

Keep your teams motivated!

 How? We’ll give you a few tips: 

  • Give monthly, constructive feedback on their performances, always ending with a positive note
  • Make sure they have something to look forward to once they’ve achieved a goal. 
  • Keep the working atmosphere positive

Invest in a dashboard to display the team’s progress around the office.

6. Invest in training

Continuous learning should be one of the main focuses at the office. The market is constantly changing, your team should be invested in keeping up with all the changes and current trends. As a team leader, you can organize monthly catch up meetings for the office to update them on the current state of affairs. As well as regular days for trainings and workshops to help improve hard and soft skills. 

Another aspect of training is the right onboarding process. Make sure your team is properly trained from the start. The right tools to implement an effective onboarding process will take you a long way. Audience Advantage, for example, can help you automate and track your team’s onboarding and training process.

7. Volume versus value

Spread the workload efficiently. Your highest-performing team members should be spending their time doing the lowest-volume, but most important, activities, like partnerships, referrals, relationship building, etc. On the other hand, your lower-performing people should focus on higher-volume activities, such as turning prospects into leads. 

8. Celebrate individuality

Have you ever tried one-size-fits-all clothing? Then you know that every general solution should be tailored to fit your particular situation

In addition, your team consists of many different personalities. What works for one of your top sellers, might not work for another and vice versa. Each individual within your team should be managed accordingly. So get to know your team, each and every individual, and find out what works for them. 

Getting to know each other and mutual trust lay the foundation for a motivated team working toward the same goal. Did you know that Audience Advantage can help you implement these tips? The getting to know each other is something you have to do offline, we can’t do that for you. But the analytical side of management? That is where we excel. Our platform offers you: 

  • Valuable insights in your team’s performance, training and progress
  • Easy onboarding and training process for all new hires and current employees
  • Data tracking of your leads and buyer’s behaviour to measure the results of your team’s efforts

Eager to find out what tailored solutions we can offer you? Request a non-binding demo and we’ll show you!