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The Sales Engagement Platform to optimize your sales cycle and win more deals.

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How Audience Advantage™ makes the difference

Speed up sales

We help speed up your sales by diminishing the time gaps in your funnel considerably and facilitating the conversation between your sellers and buyers. How? The interactive presentations you can create through our platform will not only leave a great impression on your buyers, but will also eliminate awkward silences and keep the momentum going.

Optimisation of your ROI

Our platform generates a return in every stadium of your sales process:

  • Sales content preparation time is reduced significantly.
  • Sellers spend less time chasing prospects.
  • Content distribution is much more efficient.

You can already start experiencing the platform from 25 euro per user, making the investment a safe one.

Improved use of CRM systems

Audience Advantage™ gives you valuable insights in your buyer’s behaviour. What are they interested in? What caught their attention? The insights will automatically be integrated with your existing CRM information.

Accelerate the productivity & performance of your sales teams

Why our partners choose Audience Advantage™

Audience Advantage is about much more than supplying smart technology.

In the ever-changing (business) world, there is pressing need to keep up with the pace. At Audience Advantage, we are always seeking ways to innovate and improve. We offer you an up-to-date platform and tools that are tailored to your needs, as well as those of the field.

Efficient sales

Improve the efficiency of your sales team by using the insights in buyer's behaviour and sales pitches to improve future strategies.

More buyer experience

Our platform offers augmented reality and virtual reality to help your customers actually see the potential of your proposition

Presentations that spark conversion

Our platform allows you to create engaging presentations and allows real-time deal making.

Measurable models

You not only get valuable data on buyer's behaviour and your sales team, it can also be integrated with your excisting CRM systems

We got numbers to prove it

Achieving excellence in sales means continuous improvement and innovation. That is why we conduct regular surveys assessing the satisfaction of our advantaged companies. We would love to share some results from the 2021 survey. These figures we obtained after having implemented Audience Advantage.


increase in revenue performance with Audience Advantage

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2021


acknowledged that Audience Advantage provides quicker insight into the company’s value

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2021


more use of CRM with Audience Advantage

SOURCE. Customer survey report detail Q2.2021