Augmented & Virtual Reality Sales Software

Visualise your products & services in the surroundings of your buyer, impact guaranteed.

Seeing is believing

Bring an enormous advantage to your sales approach with our augmented reality software, make your buyers believe instantaneously

Augmented reality is taking flight both in B2B Marketing and B2B sales and for a good reason.

The convenience this technology brings to the arena is immense.
One of the major challenges in sales has always been to visualise your
products and services for a buyer to understand where your offer makes the difference. Throw in the ability to show your solution in the exact environment of buyers and you have an impressive chance to create momentum.

Augmented Reality offers an array of commercial applications that can be mended to the exact needs of your business. Apart from convenience, the impact your B2B marketing and sales professionals make on a buyer is not to be underestimated and will set you apart from your competitors.

There is however quite a big quality gap in Augmented Reality for B2B. The technology is moving at light-speed and few manage to keep up. There is no in between way to start building an AR application, or your efforts will be in vain.

Key indicators for the near future

Augmented and Virtual Reality are not just another short lived hype in technology.


% increase in buying likeliness

When using Augmented Reality, chances of buyers who consider buying a product increase by 29% as opposed to making their decision based on ‘flat’ content


bln AR expected market growth

By 2022 the Augmented @ Virtual Reality market size is projected to total on a dazzling 120 – 153 Billion USD (Sources: Pintels, Fanatics Media)


% planning to use AR

Worldwide, 26% of business are planning to use Augmented Reality in their marketing to be more efficient.

Choosing for an integrated approach to deliver results

Audience Advantage promises more than delivering eye catching experiences

Virtual Reality

As Audience Advantage is a content experience platform, Virtual Reality modules can be included to help a deeper understanding of the value of your product or service.

One of key the benefits of adopting Virtual reality into your processes is the willingness of buyers to take this technology with them and showing your products at the office or even at home.

This helps extending your reach and leading to a better buyer engagement as well as potentially more decision makers involved.

Investment concerns

When launching an interactive and highly visual digital experience, naturally there are concerns about the development cost.

Depending on the end result you are looking for, Augmented or Virtual reality tracks do not necessarily empty your budget bucket and lend themselves very well to a POC-first approach.

Get in touch to have a closer look at some of our cases, and judge how our software can deliver premium quality 3D environments yourself.

Embedded into your strategy

When considering a Virtual or Augmented experience, it is absolutely vital to align the KPI’s of the intended experience with your strategy, your product stories and journeys.

The Audience Experts can assist you in bringing creativity together with commercial goals to have an integrated approach that delivers return.

Audience Advantage aims to deliver results that exceed ‘showing cool technology’ by adding meaningful analytics to your experience to learn about usage behaviour as well as what content works or doesn’t.

Make your buyers believe

Show the true value your products and services have to offer.


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