What Is A Sales Objection? And How to Deal With Them

Many question marks
Businesses must overcome several obstacles before successfully selling a product or service to a customer. The most basic obstacles include defining the product or service, making the customer aware of...
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How To Be A Good Sales Director

A female sales director in front of buildings
If you are like most sales directors, you probably entered the role after establishing yourself as a highly successful sales representative. However, it can be challenging to move from a...
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How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

An illustration of a sales team
Managing a sales team can be extremely challenging, particularly if you are running a rapidly growing business. If your team is not well-managed it will lead to some very negative...
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A Sales Enablement Plan To Drive More Business

A sales man with a tablet
Sales enablement is now widely recognised as one of the best techniques for growing a business. It is used to provide sales and marketing teams with all of the information,...
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The Best Practices For Channel Partner Management

Business partners in suits
High-growth companies with several channel partners sometimes struggle to manage their partner relationships. This lead to several problems including misrepresentation of your business’ brands, poor channel performance, and conflict. To...
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Look beyond Augmented Reality to reinvent customer journey in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry, on the verge of some significant shifts The automotive industry is at the brink of some significant disruptions in the near future with technology, social and economic factors...
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The Purpose Of Scripts For Salespeople When Presenting

A man writing a sales script
The use of sales scripts is one of the most heavily debated topics in the world of sales. Many sales professionals rely on sales scripts. They claim that having a...
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5 Ideas For Interactive Presentations

Interactive concept image
Maintaining the attention of your audience during a sales presentation is one of the greatest challenges you will face as a salesperson. If your prospects are distracted or bored, the...
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Vital Sales Enablement Statistics

Sales enablement stats on a laptop
Even if your sales team is full of experienced professionals, there are always some sales opportunities that you miss out on. Perhaps a salesperson didn’t know which manager to pitch...
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The Different Types Of Multimedia To Use In Your Presentations

A multimedia concept
One of the key challenges in creating a successful sales presentation is building one that is engaging. This is essential for ensuring the prospect remains fully focussed on the important...
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What is Sales Acceleration?

A car accelerating
Sales Acceleration refers to strategies and technologies that help businesses move prospects along the sales pipeline more efficiently. It includes a wide variety of approaches including advanced online research tools,...
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The Wolf Of Wall Street Sales Pitch: What Can We Learn?

The movie The Wolf of Wall Street has made Jordan Belfort a household name. Jordan is an author, motivational speaker and former stockbroker who is renowned for his aggressive sales...
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A Guide To Writing Cold Calling Sales Pitches

A businesswoman about to make a sales call
Cold calling is a form of telemarketing where a salesperson attempts to convince a prospective customer to take the initial steps towards making a purchase. It is the most difficult...
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How to Write a Sales Pitch Email

A woman writing a sales pitch email
The advent of the Internet has dramatically changed how salespeople interact with prospective buyers. Instead of engaging with prospects in face-to-face meetings or over the telephone, salespeople often have to...
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Business Elevator Pitch Examples & Template

Several elevators in a shaft
Whether you are trying to sell solar panels to a homeowner or raise millions of dollars from a venture capitalist - having a compelling business elevator pitch is essential. It...
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10 Highly Actionable Sales Pitch Tips & Ideas

Ideas light bulb on a Post-it
The quality of your sales pitch presentation can make or break a deal, so it is important that you spend plenty of time working on it. From your opening line...
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How to Structure a Business Pitch (in 10 Steps)

A wireframe of a pitch document
If you are trying to raise capital for your business venture, you will probably have to deliver a business pitch to prospective investors. For your pitch to be successful, it...
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How to End Your Sales Pitch

Ending your sales pitch on the right note can make the difference between a successful sale and walking away empty handed. Having a strong ending to your sales pitch will...
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How To Write A Sales Pitch Presentation For Software

When selling technically advanced products like software, the quality of the sales pitch is often more important than the product itself. We know this first hand as our own product...
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The Importance of Storytelling in Sales Presentations

Story books on book shelves
Incorporating storytelling into sales presentations can make them far more engaging and entertaining for prospects.  Telling a story also gives you the opportunity to provide context to the statistics and...
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The Different Types Of Sales Presentation

A man holding a tablet with his sales presentation on
To become a highly successful salesperson, you must develop your sales skills. The first step in this process is to learn the different types of sales presentations that are available....
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What Sales Enablement Marketing Is

A sales graph and sales team chart
If you are a professional salesperson or run a business with a sales team, you may probably come across the term sales enablement in recent years. Unlike a lot of...
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How to Create Urgency in Sales Pitches

Urgency concept showing 2 hourglasses
Have you ever experienced the sense of urgency that occurs when looking for a last minute birthday present or Christmas present? If you manage to find the ideal gift, you...
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The benefits of using a CRM for sales reps

An illustration of a sales rep using a CRM on his laptop
“Why doesn’t our sales team use CRM as it should? We’ve introduced it especially for them!” A familiar board room complaint making sales directors and managers go nuts. Here’s the...
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