How to Structure a Business Pitch (in 10 Steps)

A wireframe of a pitch document
If you are trying to raise capital for your business venture, you will probably have to deliver a business pitch to prospective investors. For your pitch to be successful, it...
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How to End Your Sales Pitch

Ending your sales pitch on the right note can make the difference between a successful sale and walking away empty handed. Having a strong ending to your sales pitch will...
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How To Write A Sales Pitch Presentation For Software

When selling technically advanced products like software, the quality of the sales pitch is often more important than the product itself.  A sales person’s ability to cut through all of...
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The Importance of Storytelling in Sales Presentations

Story books on book shelves
Incorporating storytelling into sales presentations can make them far more engaging and entertaining for prospects.  Telling a story also gives you the opportunity to provide context to the statistics and...
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The Different Types Of Sales Presentation

A man holding a tablet with his sales presentation on
To become a highly successful salesperson, you must develop your sales skills.  The first step in this process is to learn the different types of sales presentations that are available. ...
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What Sales Enablement Marketing Is

A sales graph and sales team chart
If you are a professional salesperson or run a business with a sales team, you may probably come across the term sales enablement in recent years.  Unlike a lot of...
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