Designed to make your brand shine

Empower your sales force to present with confidence.

Making complex challenges easy

From updating an entire brand in a wink of an eye to managing a diverse multi-brand architecture.

Audience Advantage cares and takes care of your brands to the finest of details.

Companies still spend a considerable of effort and resources on printed commercial materials that have little or no impact, and offer no means of updating which creates a set of known challenges.

There are a vast number of sales & marketing document management systems out there that offer to guard your brand. But also here we have seen the cure only been working for less than 50%. The trusted document format simply lacks the capacity to mix collaboration together with brand and content protection.

Audience Advantage is the solution that makes managing corporate identity, the brands and their content easy, from layout, colors, logos, fonts, to all kinds of content. With a single action, you can update your brand in all of your public or private presentations, proposals, contracts and applications.
For a single brand in a single team to multiple brands in a number of countries or divisions.

The impact of brand & customer experience

We all know that poor experiences can drive consumers away or fail to attract new ones. Experiences have become more
than ‘just one of the many’ challenges to address on your commercial bucket list for 2019. Here’s why:

Multiple 2018 studies indicate there is also a quantifiable value in good customer experiences. (PwC)


23% of B2B CMOs see improving customer experience as a top three objective. (Forrester)


55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience (ThinkJar)


87% of consumers think brands need to do more to provide a seamless experience (Zendesk)


Organisations with a poor omnichannel strategy retain just 33% of customers. Brands with effective omnichannel engagement programmes keep 89% of customers (Aberdeen Group)

Collaborate to get out the best of your brands

Embracing your ecosystem to achieve the results you envision

Audience Advantage is more than a premium experience platform. Without a keen strategy, an intriguing story and an experienced force to guide talent we’ve seen many initiatives fail.

We like to partner up and collaborate with your trusted partners to deliver a result that you envision, and more.

Looking for guidance to assist you with finding the right tune? We’ve got your back. Audience Excellence programme works with the best brand experts in the business to lend you a hand.

Visuals, both motion and stills make all the difference in your brand experience. This is what make people like your brand.

Audience Advantage is proud of its capacity to deliver a pixel perfect reflection of the visuals you deliver or your agencies have produced for you.

Audience Advantage has built a solid track record in delivering staggering impressions together with designers, art & creative directors.

Interactive experiences, creating dynamic tools that stimulate winning conversations, face to face or in front of a screen is what makes brand messages stay in your audience’s minds.

At Audience Advantage we understand what makes people like using digital solutions.

Making the user adoption a success means first of all creating comfort. A keen User Interface, Native responsiveness, quick interaction.
In a retail environment, during a business meeting or at simply at home.

Making brands come to life

Supporting your brand to make an impact on every occasion.


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