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How To Be A Good Sales Director

A female sales director in front of buildings
If you are like most sales directors, you probably entered the role after establishing yourself as a highly successful sales representative. However, it can be challenging to move from a purely sales-orientated role into a managerial one. To make this transition easier, this guide will share some essential tips for...

The Best Practices For Channel Partner Management

Business partners in suits
High-growth companies with several channel partners sometimes struggle to manage their partner relationships. This lead to several problems including misrepresentation of your business’ brands, poor channel performance, and conflict. To help you avoid these issues, this post will share the best practices for channel partner management. These practices will help...

The Purpose Of Scripts For Salespeople When Presenting

A man writing a sales script
The use of sales scripts is one of the most heavily debated topics in the world of sales. Many sales professionals rely on sales scripts. They claim that having a high-quality script makes the sales process simpler and produces better results. Others claim that scripts can make a sales pitch...

Vital Sales Enablement Statistics

Sales enablement stats on a laptop
Even if your sales team is full of experienced professionals, there are always some sales opportunities that you miss out on. Perhaps a salesperson didn’t know which manager to pitch to within the organisation. Maybe a prospect didn’t receive the correct marketing materials necessary to convince them to take a...

A Guide To Writing Cold Calling Sales Pitches

A businesswoman about to make a sales call
Cold calling is a form of telemarketing where a salesperson attempts to convince a prospective customer to take the initial steps towards making a purchase. It is the most difficult form of sales, as the salesperson is talking to the prospect for the first time using an impersonal medium. Many...

How to Write a Sales Pitch Email

A woman writing a sales pitch email
The advent of the Internet has dramatically changed how salespeople interact with prospective buyers. Instead of engaging with prospects in face-to-face meetings or over the telephone, salespeople often have to make their sales pitch via an email or text message. To be successful, you must be able to write a...