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Business Elevator Pitch Examples & Template

Several elevators in a shaft
Whether you are trying to sell solar panels to a homeowner or raise millions of dollars from a venture capitalist - having a compelling business elevator pitch is essential. It will help you quickly inform the prospect of who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer,...

How to Structure a Business Pitch (in 10 Steps)

A wireframe of a pitch document
If you are trying to raise capital for your business venture, you will probably have to deliver a business pitch to prospective investors. For your pitch to be successful, it must be engaging, informative, and highly compelling. You will need to convince the prospects of both the viability of your...

The benefits of using a CRM for sales reps

An illustration of a sales rep using a CRM on his laptop
“Why doesn’t our sales team use CRM as it should? We’ve introduced it especially for them!” A familiar board room complaint making sales directors and managers go nuts. Here’s the truth: most salespeople don’t like CRM. In fact, they tend to hate it. Studies indicate CRM users spend over 5...

How to sell better to big companies

It can be a real turning point, securing your first big order. Whether you are a cheesecake factory trying to win an initial order from a food market or a small IT firm pitching to supply software for a major banking group (yes, like us), doing business with a “big...

The Four Main Reasons Why You Should Cite Sources

Writing a document and citing sources
Often we get the question ‘Why should I cite sources? Nobody does that anyway.’ Well here we’ll give you four main reasons to go the extra mile and cite your sources. 1. Academic air The first reason is not the most important one, but it is the most convincing one...