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What Is A Sales Objection? And How to Deal With Them

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Businesses must overcome several obstacles before successfully selling a product or service to a customer. The most basic obstacles include defining the product or service, making the customer aware of it, and making it easily available. However, the toughest obstacle to completing a sale is a last-minute ‘sales objection’ from...

How To Be A Good Sales Director

A female sales director in front of buildings
If you are like most sales directors, you probably entered the role after establishing yourself as a highly successful sales representative. However, it can be challenging to move from a purely sales-orientated role into a managerial one. To make this transition easier, this guide will share some essential tips for...

How To Manage A Successful Sales Team

An illustration of a sales team
Managing a sales team can be extremely challenging, particularly if you are running a rapidly growing business. If your team is not well-managed it will lead to some very negative outcomes including unhappy sales reps, poor conversion rates, and low productivity levels. It is imperative that you get it right....

A Sales Enablement Plan To Drive More Business

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Sales enablement is now widely recognised as one of the best techniques for growing a business. It is used to provide sales and marketing teams with all of the information, tools, and skills they need to sell effectively. Don’t believe me?  Take a look at these sales enablement statistics: 19%...

The Best Practices For Channel Partner Management

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High-growth companies with several channel partners sometimes struggle to manage their partner relationships. This lead to several problems including misrepresentation of your business’ brands, poor channel performance, and conflict. To help you avoid these issues, this post will share the best practices for channel partner management. These practices will help...

Look beyond Augmented Reality to reinvent customer journey in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry, on the verge of some significant shifts The automotive industry is at the brink of some significant disruptions in the near future with technology, social and economic factors being some of the major contributors to this disruption. A change takes time to adapt and more importantly requires new...