Centralised Presentation Platform

Maintain brand consistency and use data feedback to refine your sales process

What is a centralised presentation platform and why is it beneficial?

Audience Advantage’s presentations are centralised because they allow for entire organisations to access a centralised collection of files, data and resources. Platform managers can follow all interactions that your sales reps have with their prospects and record all data which is accessible by any team member at any time.

Full control means that managers can extract data, receive notifications, and regulate the exchange of information between their representatives and the prospects. This allows for data led improvements to be made resulting in a constant refinement of the sales process. All branding and tone of voice can remain consistent across the platform also.

How can Audience be used to create centralised presentations?

Thanks to its exclusive dashboard, the application gives full control over the client relationship and allows to follow trends and evolution of it.

Why are we different?

No other platform in the market provides administrators with such an overview of client relationship management, which allows for data led decisions and full transparency across the entire company.

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