Digital Proposals Software

Send automated digital proposals with full analytics data about interactions by your prospect.

What are Digital Proposals?

Digital proposals are business proposals, which our clients can compile and share with their prospects right from the CMS.

The proposal creator is yet another of our apps that can be either embedded in your presentations or can be used as a standalone entity. This is used to create a visually enriching and automated product proposal to your prospect. What more, it can be done right at the scene during the course of your meeting.

How can Audience be used to create digital proposals?

We can devise tailored proposal creators for you based on your needs. You can use this app to not only showcase your product’s price estimation, but you can also use it to promote the benefits of using your products in terms of numbers.

For example, we created a presentation for our client MAN Trucks to demonstrate to the clients how much will they save if they select a particular line of truck based on specific choices. This can be handy information for the client, and it can help him make more informed and quicker decisions.

The proposals can be shared from the platform directly to your prospect’s portal. Audience can provide analytical data regarding interactions with the proposals, including how many times it has been viewed, which sections have been viewed and how long has the prospect spent viewing it.

You can use the analytics data when you follow up and provide more information if necessary. This allows you to improve your sales process and increase close rates.

How is it beneficial?

First of all, the process of sending proposals can be streamlined and you can save time across your organisation on compiling them. It is also what is expected in the modern world and can help to present you as being at the forefront of technology and a forward thinking company.

You can also use the analytics data when you follow up and provide more information if necessary. This allows you to improve your sales process and increase close rates.

Why are we different?

Audience Advantage is a disruption in sales enablement. Our leading software allows you to have proposal creators, which in itself is an innovation in this area. No sales enabler has the same powerful features in terms of in-built proposal creator, which also allows users to keep track of the recipient.

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