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Create dynamic and realistic presentations for your prospects with animation

What are dynamic/animated presentations and how are they beneficial?

Gone are the days of animated powerpoint presentations. If you want to stay updated and relevant, animated presentation software today can create something much more visually captivating than just the standard text, image and video media combination.

A variety of elements in our presentations can be animated. Any button, content block or slide or any kind of content embedded in your presentation that you can think of is capable of real time animation. You can prioritise the appearance of any content block based on your wish. This way, you have the control to choose which message you want to put ahead first to make your communication impactful.

How can we make your presentations productive with animation?

Our tech team can integrate rich Javascript animations into your presentation slides, which turns the visual document into an extraordinary user-experience. Let us walk you through some animations you can see in our software:

  • Animated text to create an impact on specific words or statements that you want your prospect to notice.
  • Dynamic slide transitions that make your presentations come alive. Make your presentation easy to interpret and understand by implementing a range of transitions that are highly customizable to create a personalized impression.

These are just a few. Our software is capable of many more. Let us know your needs, and we will provide you with a solution.

Why Audience Advantage?

Audience Advantage is a disruption in sales enablement. Our smart software engine is capable of producing a variety of powerful animations based on your needs.

Our design and tech team works with you to develop ideas and identify sections of your presentation that need effective animation. They will design your presentation templates while matching the branding and style at the same time. The team ensure that presentations look amazing regardless of browser, operating system and of course on any mobile device.

It is extremely powerful yet user friendly and easy to learn how to create professional pitch winning presentations that will blow your prospects away.

This is no ordinary presentation. With Audience Advantage tools, we create an experience you do not want to miss.

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