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Create beautiful animated presentations that will win you the pitch

What are dynamic/animated presentations and how are they beneficial?

Our tech team can integrate rich Javascript animations into your presentations, which turns the visual document into a remarkable user experience.

Animated text, 3D elements and dynamic transitions make prospects enjoy the deployment of the storyline and add an extra layer to your pitch. By shaking elements up, you can convey your message in a much more effective way.

How can Audience be used to create them?

Once our team has created all templates for the given story, you can then tailor its content on each specific use, according to the tone of voice that is more appropriate for every single prospect.

Why are we different?

Much sales enablement software exists, ranging from Powerpoint to Prezi, but only Audience Advantage develops specific features for each client.

For instance, we have developed a dynamic pad wheel, which enables its client Nespresso to showcase the whole range of flavours in their coffee offer.

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