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The most complete customer facing suite on the market.

Your all-in-one customer facing experience solution.

The final package is always tailored to the specific needs of our customers in order to choose what features they need to optimize their commercial performance. The features on this page complement seamlessly the array of services offered in the Audience Excellence programme you can find here.


If you are looking to elevate your customer facing moments into a tuned conversation that makes your representatives, salesforce, key accounts shine? Audience Advantage’ presentation engine is the most powerful show-machine today.

Blending these appliances with a premium look as well as an appealing interactive interface, your salesforce will stand out and be remembered.

How? By offering easy to use dynamic elements that have innovated the way we present today.

° An office locator connected to your information to show realtime where your branches are situated? Check.

° A financial plan simulator to discuss the value for your clients in realtime? Check.

° A product simulator to show all the capabilities of your product in one dynamic view? Check.

° A super slick navigation to head to all your available information in a flash? Check.

° A product or service Navigator that can handle thousands of products to be searched or navigated in a heartbeat? Check

° A product configurator to show how customized and attractive your product can be to any audience? Check.

° A dynamic walkthrough to have a digital walk through your dazzling offices or hotel rooms? Check.

Audience Advantage can be used to create compelling dynamic, interactive and centralised presentations using multimedia, video, augmented reality and live feeds.

Features of Audience: Sales EnablementStorytelling, Sales Analytics, Digital Contracts, Digital Proposals


All your commercial documents in one place, categorized optimally for your salesforce, ready to be used in the field. Your salesforce now has a clear overview of the available content come showtime. Your accounts can count on having an always up to date library of information that can be navigated easily and is always available, in the cloud or on their devices should a connection drop.

The document management platform powering the document distribution has a smart engine built in to safeguard who can access, edit or view which documents or document folders and works seamlessly together with your favorite document management systems or digital asset management systems.


To complement the rich content Audience Advantage provides, a cluster of embedded applications are optionally available. These applications are tailored with content to fit the needs of our clients and aim to accelerate the sales and marketing processes even more.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality module is one of the rising features in demand. Audience Advantage provides an absolute top quality in rendering machines or applications through the lens of your mobile devices.

Our experience in setting out commercial strategies guarantees that an Augmented Reality application is set up not only as an eye catching showcase, but as a clear time saving instrument to shorten B2B sales tracks. Please find out more here.

Virtual Reality

Partnering up with top quality delivering 3D artists and Virtual Reality or game developers has set Audience Advantage in a pilot position to develop fullfiling experiences for your challenges. Please find out more here.

Knowledge base

One of the challenges our clients have in common is the complexity of the message and the products or services their marketing and salesforce need to deliver to their audiences. Think about all the industries that are revolutionising due to technological changes.

Sales people struggle to keep up. And as a result, so do prospects in understanding what the value of their suppliers could be. Tuning into these challenges, Audience Advantage has created a knowledge base module that, based on Artificial Intelligence, can help easily on-boarding new sales profiles and train them in their quest for understanding the business.

Interactive learning & testing

Apart from delivering all sorts of content in an accessible way to your teams, Audience Advantage has included an interactive knowledge testing module to check the learning and level of knowledge within your different teams allowing you to help and take action whenever needed.

Remote control

To give presenters full flexibility in presenting to their audiences, Audience Advantage engineering team developed a mobile remote control application that allows presenters to take control of their presentation with their smartphones or tablets, and be mobile while presenting.

Story app

Without a smart, multi-applicable story, your presentations will never achieve to help your presenters to rise above the ‘one way direction
powerpoint’ telling consumers and buyers are getting tired of.

At Audience Advantage we offer a story telling app to link the goals of your presentations to the available content, forecasting the success of your decks.


Audience Advantage is all about helping your professionals to deliver a great brand experience at all times, without having to make the extra effort. That’s why our platform has incorporated an information sharing system that enables your teams to send perfectly branded emails that contain links to all the information your teams want to share with your prospects or customers that view your (interactive) branded content online in their browser.

The information sharing does not stop with delivering lightweight content to your prospects and customers. The built-in team communication capabilities support our champions to keep the Audience Community up to date and support marketeers to collaborate with their sales teams.


To help accelerate sales Audience Advantage has incorporated 3 essentials that help Salesforces in their quest to convince prospects and close deals faster.

Live proposal creator

The Audience Advantage live proposal creator enables professionals to create offers on the spot. The power to configure offers together with your prospects helps up – and cross selling as well as tuning your offers to the exact needs of your prospects or customers who
feel more involved in the co-created result.

Before your professionals leave the room, the offer can be already in the back pocket of your prospect, ready to be shared with fellow decision makers. Allowing your salesforce to keep track of who is contributing and when to get back on touch to discuss the offer made.

Product catalog

Essential to every sales talk is the availability of an up to date representation of what’s on offer.

Pricing, discounts, product and service details, promotions or reference numbers, always up to date and stylishly presented in your corporate identity.

Avoid the complex or costly process of translating what’s inside your product or ERP systems to print or presentations, talk to Audience Advantage.

Contract builder

The effectiveness of being able to close a deal in the spot. In sales it is all about momentum.

Whenever you have to leave again and go through the lengthy process of putting together contracts, proofreading, checking with legal and product teams does not help in taking advantage of having the momentum on your side. There’s always a competitor happy to serve.

The Audience Advantage contract builder combines all you need to close and have the authorisation digitally captured, stored and communicated.


In order to unify all these features into one rich experience platform the Genius Engine was created. What this powerful engine enables.


The right balance between product and extreme tailoring for our customers.


The glue between all the features listed above, syncing between cloud and device.


Extremely detailed reporting on both content, prospects & customers, teams.


A connector box for reaching out to external platforms and syncing secure data.

AI Enabled

Collecting data and using artificial intelligence to enrich data and user or customer experience.


Enforcing to allow read, or write access to any fragment of content, feature or document.


Enabling to create compelling activity reports of a specific prospect throughout all of its touch-points.


Serving exceptionally detailed personalised content in an automated way.


A unique content platform that empowers your team to produce and maintain rich content.


Maintaining a consistency in terms of ease of use and UX throughout all features.


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