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Dazzle your clients with a fully interactive presentations

What are Interactive Presentations?

Basically, there are elements within the presentation that can be interacted with.

Examples include: budget calculators, product configurators, language switchers, interactive tools, videos and graphics.

They give you a unique opportunity to get your prospects engaged in a conversation and visually stimulated, up to the point of closing of the deal.

How can Audience be used to create interactive presentations?

Our tech team develops works with you to develop ideas and identify sections of your presentation that could benefit from more engagement and interacivity, they wll then work to seamlessley integrate the applictions in real time using our advance software while matching the branding and style.

Interaction you can expect from our software:

  • An interactive product configurator that shows you different available products in one place. It lets you choose one among them and view its details at the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse.
  • A proposal calculator. This interactive feature will help you make a budget proposal for your product or service on the spot. Give your prospect an estimate and also let them know how they can optimize their budget with varying selection methods. Make your mark when the time is right.
  • A colour configurator that can change the colour of your product on the spot to let you see what looks best.
  • Switch the language of your presentation to your preferred choice and make it easy for your clients.

These are some of the interactive elements that we have designed. Our software is capable of many more. Let us know your needs, and we will provide you with a solution.

How is it beneficial?

Interactivity in your presentations adds a layer of ease of communication with your clients and it allows you to easily get points across to prospects that may be difficult with just words and images alone.

Imagine having to go through a vast catalogue of products in the age-old fashion of scrolling through slide after slide. You have already lost your client there.

Instead, what if you could categorically present your products with just a touch or the click of a button? What if you could configure your product based on what your client demands on the spot. What if you could navigate to any part of the presentation as and when you want?

Well, this is what we call valuable interactivity. Something that gives every sales representative the freedom and ease of expression. Your presentations should not be bound to linear.

Having the ability to demonstrate the benefits of what you are selling via an interactive demonstration can add that extra layer to your sales pitch and could be the difference between a “yes” and a “no”.

Why Audience Advantage?

Audience Advantage is a disruption in sales enablement. Our smart software engine is capable of creating smooth and seamless interactive elements making it visually compelling.

Our design and tech team works with you to develop ideas and identify sections of your presentation that could benefit from more interactivity and hence be more engaging. They will align your presentation with all the interactive features while matching the branding and style.

Using the best of what HTML5 has to offer, we create interactive elements for your presentation, which creatively meets your professional needs.

Your presentations will be a step ahead as they won’t just be the stadard mix of text, graphics and videos but will have highly engaging applications that will help you to close your deals.

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