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Miniguide: prospecting

Meaningful prospecting

As a sales representative, you might often find yourself questioning as to are you doing your prospecting, right? You might also wonder if your methods are efficient enough?

You do not want to fall out of the competition with outdated prospecting techniques. That is why we will walk you through some of the recent sales prospecting approaches. They will help you to acquire good leads who you are ready to engage and finally, convert into customers.

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Miniguide: Uniting Marketing and Sales

Uniting Marketing and Sales

Functional integration of sales and marketing is important more than ever before now. They have to realise they are two important contributors of the same funnel that brings in ROI.

They must realise they are not a threat to each other, instead must develop a mutual partnership that will benefit both the departments and hence the company in the process.

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Miniguide: B2B buyers

Why do B2B buyers think the way they do? Anatomy of a buyer’s mindset

The key to understanding buyers in a B2B environment is staying constantly updated with the buying trends and learning in the process. The buying journey, especially today, is no more a linear or anticipated funnel with a scripted formula for success.

The buying process is particularly tricky in a B2B ecosystem. Our personal experience and our study of the 2019 B2B Buyer Survey Report has led us to some interesting findings which we thought would be worth sharing.

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Miniguide: AR in automotive industry

Look beyond Augmented Reality to reinvent customer journey in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is at the brink of some significant disruptions in the near future with technology, social and economic factors being some of the major contributors to this disruption.

A change takes time to adapt and more importantly takes time and new methods to demonstrate and convince buyers.

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