Live feed Presentation Platform

Live presentations from a digital space

What are Live Feed Presentations?

Our live feed presentations allow you to host your presentations in a digital space and allow prospects to participate in it without being physically present.

How can Audience be used to create them?

Audience is introducing this feature on the dashboard.

Users can invite prospects to take a look at their presentation via email.

With a live feed presentation, the same conversation can take place online without the need to be physically present.

How is it beneficial?

You can increase the number of prospects you are pitching to at an unprecedented scale, virtually opening up all markets in the world to your offering.

It also allows flexibility with when you deliver the pitch as you will not have to travel, it can be delivered from your own offices.

Why are we different?

No sales enabler in the world offers such a degree of interactivity, personalisation, data analytics. The live feed is just the cherry on top of our premium software.

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