Driving revenues by delivering experience

A centralised management system.

Know your audience to automate personalised content

Audience Advantage delivers reporting that improves knowledge of your buyer’s behaviour drastically.

From prospect and user analytics to assembling smart data and offering targeted content, Audience Advantage offers a workflow that helps you to improve your content based on what your market provides.

At Audience we help you uncover what buyers are looking for, what your road teams love to show and talk about.

A.I. or Artificial intelligence is integral part of Audience Platform and is used to personalise content based on the data in your systems.

Most of all we like connecting to your Universe of Tools and platforms to sync content, users, buyers or analytics.

A strong digital content experience

Turn your pitch into a memorable digital experience with strong content, high-end design and smooth animations.

We have seen our clients struggle with the vast number of document management system shouting and claiming all the things they are not, from ‘experience platforms’ to ‘sales content management’.

If you truly want to manage your dynamic content fluently, to the minor user role or content detail, come talk to us.

Take control of your story, your brand.

Introducing content management for marketing & sales.

Audience Advantage was born out of the need from rich brands to protect their brand and high value content in field environment.

Content management systems have been around for ages on the web, but the challenge to bring dynamic content, centrally managed and offline available on all sorts of devices is an entire new and different objective.

We made it our trademark to bring smart, field focused content to renowned brands for them to empower their sales forces to bring value to their conversations instead of generic presentations.

Doing this, we have taken focus away from content in the commercial teams and brought it back where it belongs, so both professionals can focus even more on their respective expertise where they can excel.

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Maximise your sales engine

Find out how Audience Advantage works in different sectors.

Helping automotive to shine

The automotive sector is evolving at an intense speed at this very moment, introducing all sorts of new technologies to power vehicles in search of more sustainable, economical ways.

This brings along a challenge in terms of translating new and sometimes more complex situations to their sales organization. Just the challenge of translating the financial implications of considering buying an Electrical, CNG, Hybrid or any type of vehicle to potential buyers without having any engineering or technical background.

Audience Advantage helps your professionals in the many dealerships to resonate with potential buyers. Our solution supports them to better understand and explain benefits and values. helping them to captivate buyers. The focus on taking your added value, as well as the difference with your competitors home, can make all the difference.

Audience Advantage for Food

The food industry is one of the focus areas of our expertise. Ranging from delivering an ‘easy to navigate’ multi product digital solution to showcasing our story creation and visual strengths highlighting the attractiveness of your products.

Audience Advantage brings experiences for retail or B2B, in a live environment or just as an unassisted in-store experience. Our solution is equipped to serve in a multi market environment, focusing on aligning attractive content delivered as a ‘glocal’ solution.

Curious to hear how our offer is structured specifically
to the needs of food companies? We’d love to hear from you.

Audience Advantage for Pharma

The challenges in marketing in sales for optimizing the sales process are mildly put specific. A very limited timeframe to bring across an important message for one.

Having in many cases an indirect channel of medical staff to advise their clients to adopt a certain product is not an easy task, let alone the complexity of the discussion to be had.

Audience Advantage focuses on supporting your field teams convenience, having the right visuals and information at their disposal in a wink of an eye.

The dynamic nature of the Audience Advantage solution
guides both sales and buyers to a value conversation, highlighting the benefits of your product. and directing them to the concerns of the advisor. Having Augmented Reality at your disposal to show the impact or the ease of use of your products could be a game changer for your conversations.

Let’s increase the chances on a better recollection of your products together.

Audience Advantage for finance

The financial world is embracing digital transformation
at a lightning fast pace. They are adopting technological strategies to increase their customer experience, acquisition and retention as this has become a key battlefield.

Within the boundaries of a heavily regulated market where secure communication is no less than an absolute must it is far from easy to achieve an advantage or accelerate commercial processes.

Audience Advantage is an integrated solution that helps keeping control of commercial communication. It embeds in your ecosystem of platforms and tools. On top of that, it allows both to keep your content up to date, make the content management more efficient as well as bringing a dynamic, impactful message to support your customer experience.

Audience Advantage for HR

Having worked for different global HR groups Audience Advantage has a unique insight in the commercial challenges of today’s Human Resources businesses.

For one being the challenge to differentiate your offer and company from the other players in the market. This is where a keen brand perception comes in, both towards candidates and customers.

Apart from offering an impressive brand experience Audience Advantage has developed a series of vertical HR tools that help accelerate the sales process.

We gladly share our built up expertise with you, don’t
hesitate to get in touch for an impression of what Audience Advantage could have in store for you..

Tailored to your exact needs

We’ve perfected our process to maximize your sales impact



Targets & Strategy

Analysis of your current sales process and evaluation of your presentation tools.



Story & Design

Creation of a mindblowing presentation.



Audience Advantage

Platform implementation & user guidance.



Training & Data

Follow-up on customer success.


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