Rich Media & Multimedia Presentation Software

Engage your audience with the use of rich media

What are Rich Media / Multimedia Presentations?

Rich media are digital elements that can enhance an app or website such as video and applets.

In presentations, they can be used to add an extra dimension that can help you get your story across to your prospects.

How do we make you presentations visually exquisite?

The CMS allows you to embed all sorts of media resources to the core presentation from text to photo and video so that an infinite number of resources and modules can find a place in the story.

Sales meetings today are far from dull presentations and inarticulate conversations. Have you ever imagined your sales pitch to be presented like a story? Humans can never deny the power of storytelling. Your prospects are no different. Make your statement with a presentation that etches into your prospect’s memory making a picture perfect experience.

The best way to do that is by using stunning images and videos. We also embed our uniquely designed custom made apps for you into your presentations. Our creative presentation ideas will make your meetings with your prospect an enriching experience.

How is rich media / multimedia beneficial?

Audience was created to provide sales professionals with the whole range of communications tools available in order to convey commercial messages which the digital era has made redundant.

The key is the creativity and the holistic approach that ranges from the most human emotions to the most performing algorithm.

When you are telling a story, it is good to stimulate the visual senses as much as possible, and multimedia can be used to involve your audience and bring them into the narrative of your presentation. The more you can do this, the better your chance of success.

Why Audience Advantage?

Audience Advantage is a disruption in sales enablement. Our versatile software engine is capable of designing creative apps which are both visually captivating and useful for your prospects.

Our design and tech team works with you to develop ideas of including different apps into your presentation. We craft relevant images and videos for your presentations that will inevitably stimulate one’s visual senses.

Every single piece of content in the presentation is editable, which means that every client and partner can easily master the tool and adapt it to their own style and goals.

Multimedia presentations are your definite answer to impactful meetings. Close your deals with rewarding results because images always speak a thousand more words than just words themselves.

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