Sales Analytics Platform

Use analytical data feedback to refine your sales presentations

What is Sales Analytics?

Sales analytics is data about the interactions between your sales reps and your clients with everything from time spent on presentations to close rates.

Access to this data allows for informed decisions to be taken and if you have a team of sales reps, company-wide decisions can be made that will help streamline your processes and ultimately increase your profitability.

What are the sales analytics aspects of the Audience software?

Your sales reps can share their presentations with their own clients via private invitations, which generate unique IDs and allow to follow the degree of interest for every single slide of the presentations.

How is it beneficial?

Audience Advantage has it’s own CMS complete with dashboard from which you can customise and download all sort of analytics data about the viewers of your presentations, so you can refine your process and get a sense of the best timing to renew the business proposal.

What does Audience offer that is different with regard to this?

No sales enabler has the same powerful feature in terms of analytics and it’s all completely GDPR compliant.

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