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Sales is among the fastest changing sectors in the digital economy: get on board !

Sales enablement indicates the whole of information, content, and tool that provide companies with the necessary upgrade to tackle the ever-changing landscape of negotiation.

What does a sales representative need in order to succeed today? It is important for managers to understand whether their representatives are under performing or simply lack the necessary instruments to get their job done

Audience Advantage accelerates this natural process of evolution with its advanced sales enablement software and makes your sales team accountable with respect to their company’s sales targets.

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How to measure sales enablement

Source: Cracking the Sales Management Code: The Secrets to Measuring and Managing Sales Performance
by Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazzana.


% training


% equipping


% coaching


% assessing


% organizing


% recruiting

Changing your sales process one deal at a time

Audience Advantage promises more than delivering eye catching experiences

Knowledge sharing

As Audience Advantage is a content experience platform, which is based upon a simple idea: sharing is caring, caring about your business.

The new information and communication technologies are not that new any more. However, they offer an interesting insight about the extent, to which the world economy has changed.

The sharing of knowledge within a company is pivotal to ensure that the organization, as a whole, benefits from the expertise of each one of its members.


While knowledge sharing represents an attitude, rather a concrete set of good practices, skills can provide sales representatives with the necessary tools to turn this change of attitude into a form of business development.

Talking of skills, it would be naif to believe that only digital competences are required to sell in a digital landscape.

More than ever, these skills include relational virtues, which only tailored training and a solid expertise can help develop.


The last pillar of sales enablement concerns “behaviours,” which form part of an iterative process.

Sales representative must be provided with the necessary instructions to assimilate new data and turn them into useful insights for the development of a consistent sales strategy.

Audience Advantage aims to complement its software offer with the educational framework, which measures the return on your company’s investment in sales enablement.

Make your people grow

Increase both your representatives’ performance and loyalty.


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