Salesdrive Explore+ not only enables efficient content management, it also provides B2B sales teams with 6 power tools, proven to engage buyers more effectively.

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Buyer Portal

Explore+ includes the full feature set of Explore…

… but adds 6 sales power tools that professionalize your value proposition and buyer experience for more efficient and effective selling.


Powertools for sales

Proposal Creator

Navigate through your offerings and co-create personalized proposals in just a few clicks. Share the proposal with your audience and get notified when it is read, accepted, declined, or commented on.

Portfolio visualizer

Want to show of your projects and cases?
Add them in our Portfolio Visualizer in an organized and easily shareable manner.

Charts mapper

Modern buyers expect relevant data that validates your impact. The chart mapper allows you to visualize key industry trends and create compelling business cases.

Interactive Learning

How to decrease onboarding time?
Use the Interactive Learning app to create mini courses and tests that prepare your sales reps for the field.

Video Navigator

So, you have all these great videos you want to share, but no efficient way to do it? Consolidate and organize them in our Video Navigator that can be shown, shared, and tracked from 1 location.

Business Locator

The Business Locator gives you an interactive map to quickly navigate through your past and ongoing projects, as well as showcase the different branches your company holds.

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