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    Audience Advantage | Sales-automation-software

    A versatile ecosystem

    Automation of prospect follow-up, content insights, proposals and even personalisation of content through specific audience properties.

    Audience Advantage is a versatile ecosystem designed to deliver digital content anytime, anywhere. Easy workflows make even the most complex set-ups a breeze to manage and deliver personalised content from documents to XR experiences and business cases.

    On a team or organisational level, the insights Audience Advantage provides can help shape your future content strategy, aligning sales with marketing content. Automated enrichment of CRM information can be a big part of connecting valuable insights that lead to a more successful revenue process and help drive automated personalisation and AI to support your sales teams, resulting in significant time-savings.

    Optimizing the sales cycle

    Believe and practice what you preach. Optimization of business processes is not only for prospects and clients but also for your own sales force. By sales for sales.

    Vincent Lemmens
    Vincent Lemmens

    MD ORTEC Benelux