Sales Engagement Platform Software

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    Audience Advantage | Sales performance platform software

    Increase Buyer Involvement

    Content experience, delivery and sharing capabilities boost your sales operations & help your teams improve buyer involvement.

    Audience Advantage™ is an advanced buyer engagement platform to revolutionize your sales processes and win more deals supporting your teams.

    State of the art tracking and insights dashboards will help your professionals to better understand buyer behaviour and remain ahead in the sales excellence game. Audience Advantage allows your professionals to design sales experiences, not just selling products and easily building compelling business cases in order to help buyers buy conversion efficiently.

    Sales Engagement that delivers

    With Audience Advantage we now have one portal for all our sales material and we we’re able to automate the process of business reporting with prospects, professionalize our sales pitches and standardize the sales story. Gaining a better understanding of the sales funnel, the DMU of your prospects and being able to respond to this makes a big difference in a long and often complex sales cycle.

    Georgios Sarigiannidis
    Georgios Sarigiannidis

    Managing director Sales Enablement & Industries