Replace generic
Product-centric Selling with

Tailored Value Selling

Generic sales pitches no longer cut it in today’s market. Modern buyers expect personalized value propositions that
speak directly to their unique challenges and goals. Sellers who fail to deliver this personalized approach risk losing
the attention of their prospects, leading to fewer conversions.

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Connect with customers through value selling

Salesdrive supports B2B sales reps with ready-to-use, dynamic content that enables them to visualize the value of their offering, tailored to the customer’s unique needs. This personal approach not only sparks the attention of potential customers, it also simplifies decision making as they have a clear picture on their ROI.

How Salesdrive adopts value selling for you

Understanding and delivering value tailored to each customer’s unique situation can be a challenge. At Salesdrive, we help B2B companies to embrace this challenge and take advantage of it. Our expertise goes beyond content creation. We analyse your sales cycle to uncover opportunities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness through the power of value selling.

We co-create dynamic sales content that quantifies the value of your product or service, giving your buyers the business case they need to get a financially justifiable buy-in from stakeholders.

Proven tools to support Value Selling

A Salesforce study conducted in 2023, called the ‘State of Sales’, reported that 87% of business buyers expect sales reps to act as trusted advisors. Our value selling tools perfectly tune in on this increasing need.

Salesdrive calculators clearly articulate the tangible benefits and ROI potential customers can expect from your solution. Doing this realtime, driven by customer input enhances engagement levels and improves chances of succes.

Our TCO simulators provide valuable insights into the overall cost of implementing and maintaining your solutions over time, helping B2B sales reps demonstrate the superior value and affordability of your offerings compared to competitors.

With Salesdrive recommendation Tools, B2B sales reps blend Value Selling with Consultative Selling by recommending the best (combination of) solution(s), based on buyer needs, resources, and a clear price-comparison.

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