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8 tips to lead your sales team to success

Leading a sales team efficiently can sometimes be a challenge. We offer you 8 tips to do it successfully.

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How does seasonality affect sales?

The term seasonality is used to describe the predictable annual fluctuations in sales revenue based on the seasons.

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Sales presentation 101: tips that will help you close deals

The way you handle your sales presentation has a big influence on whether your customer is interested in buying from you instead of your competitors. But how does one make and present a good sales presentation? We provide some valuable tips that will help you transform bland presentations into convincing conversations. 

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5 great call-to-action tips for your presentation

A call-to-action helps your audience to take away something from your speech, something to be done. We’ll give you five tips using a real-life example: raising donations for a charity.

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Business Elevator Pitch Examples and Template

In this article, we’ll be sharing a basic business elevator pitch template and some business elevator pitch examples.

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Beauty sells, but not when only skin deep

How important is beauty still in sales? Is it still necessary to have a good-looking website, product or sales presentation? And if so, is that what really makes the difference for a brand?

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10 Highly Actionable Sales Pitch Tips and Ideas

From your opening line to your closing statement — all aspects of your sales pitch are important. In this post, we’ll be sharing several essential tips to help you craft a successful sales pitch presentation.

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9 common quote mistakes to avoid

For years it’s been good practice to use quotes in presentations. And we’ve seen quite a lot of good examples, but we’ve seen some big no-no’s over the years too. Here are some common quote mistakes not to make.

A Sales Enablement Plan To Drive More Business

Sales enablement is now widely recognised as one of the best techniques for growing a business. In this post we’ll explain how to develop a sales enablement plan that drives more business.

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A Guide To Writing Cold Calling Sales Pitches

To help you improve your own cold calling skills, this article will provide several essential cold calling tips and strategies.