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The 2022 of Audience Advantage

2022 was a big year for Audience Advantage, our platform and team saw significant growth and success! In the upcoming year of 2023, we have even bigger plans in store. The past year we have focused on the expansion of our team and platform. We made several updates to improve user experience and platform functionalities by adding some brand new features. To give you an overview of these changes, we have created a brief summary.

Customer psychology: understanding your buyers for better sales

Have you noticed that the way of selling has changed a lot from what it was just a few years ago? Would you like to understand the buying behaviour of your customers even better? If so, you might be interested in learning more about your customers’ psychology. This way, you will understand your buyers even more and see your sales booming! 

Audience Advantage | Blog | Leading a sales team efficiently with 8 tips

8 tips to lead your sales team to success

Leading a sales team efficiently can sometimes be a challenge. We offer you 8 tips to do it successfully.

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How does seasonality affect sales?

The term seasonality is used to describe the predictable annual fluctuations in sales revenue based on the seasons.

Audience Advantage | Blog | Business presentation

Sales presentation 101: tips that will help you close deals

The way you handle your sales presentation has a big influence on whether your customer is interested in buying from you instead of your competitors. But how does one make and present a good sales presentation? We provide some valuable tips that will help you transform bland presentations into convincing conversations. 

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5 great call-to-action tips for your presentation

A call-to-action helps your audience to take away something from your speech, something to be done. We’ll give you five tips using a real-life example: raising donations for a charity.

Audience Advantage | elevator pitch

Business Elevator Pitch Examples and Template

In this article, we’ll be sharing a basic business elevator pitch template and some business elevator pitch examples.

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Beauty sells, but not when only skin deep

How important is beauty still in sales? Is it still necessary to have a good-looking website, product or sales presentation? And if so, is that what really makes the difference for a brand?

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10 Highly Actionable Sales Pitch Tips and Ideas

From your opening line to your closing statement — all aspects of your sales pitch are important. In this post, we’ll be sharing several essential tips to help you craft a successful sales pitch presentation.