Audience Advantage becomes Salesdrive

Salesdrive empowers B2B sales teams to be more productive, stand out from competitors, and ultimately win more deals.

Discover how we have upgraded our Platform and Services

Unveiling Dark Sales Traffic

Salesdrive unveils the dark sales traffic your sellers desperately need to move deals forward. After sharing your presentation or offer online, Salesdrive tracks buyer movements by giving an overview on pages viewed, total length of viewing time, most viewed topics, contacts to whom they forwarded the content to, and more.

Simplified Content Management

Salesdrive introduces new instruments to efficiently manage, control, and distribute content across teams. Think about…


  • updating pricing information available in multiple presentations, offers, and brochures. This can be done one click. Even when the content is already shared with someone.
  • organising your content library per division to make sure everyone only has access to what they need.
  • gaining back control over your brand book by allowing as much (or as little) flexibility for content customization as you want.
sales enablement platform

Power Apps to Accelerate Deals

A great product is nothing without the ability to showcase it in a convincing, professional, and efficient way. This is where the Salesdrive Power Apps step in. In our new EXPORE+ package, we introduce 6 self-configurable Power Apps, designed to enhance buyer engagement, boost effectiveness, and streamline your selling process.

  • Video Navigator
  • Proposal Creator
  • Interactive Learning
  • Portfolio Visualizer
  • Charts Mapper
  • Business Locator

New additions to our product package

As our platform has matured over the years, we’re very excited to enter the SAAS space with an out-of-the-box Sales Enablement suite.
The EXPLORE pack – your stepping stone into the word of Sales Enablement – is available for only €19/month.
The EXPLORE+ pack – the perfect module to level up your B2B content experience – is available for only €29/month.

A must-have content management tool to organize sales collateral, reclaim lost selling time, and shorten the sales cycle.


A powerful sales toolkit designed to showcase your portfolio, speed up proposal-making, onboard new hires,
and much more.


Why Salesdrive?

After 7 years of operating under the name of Audience Advantage, we decided to change our entire branding to something close to what we do and have evolved into.The new brand identity is deliberately crafted to carry over our values and our goals as a sustainable, effectiveness-driving, customer centric organization that works relentlessly to support sales & marketing heroes to achieve outstanding results, each and everyday.


The name Salesdrive encapsules the drive we provide to our customers through our sales excellence guidance, tailored tools and engaging pitches. The efficiency in our baseline refers to the time saving and sales acceleration effect the platform realizes for sales professionals.


Talk to one of our experts and find out how Salesdrive tunes into your sales & marketing strategy.